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Question   Wow
Such beauty that you notice, capture and share. Thank you for letting us see them.

- Alana Hunt December 06, 2019

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Question   Loved your nature shots...
Hey Sue,
Wow! Didn't realize just how truly talented you are.
Will visit your site often to look at all the pretty pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

- Catrina Wint May 31, 2011

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Question   Great Photo!
Jodie commented on how beautiful the photos of pets are. She's really looking forward to summer phography Kids' camp (lol!).

Love the shot on the home page! Congratulations on winning the photography award!

- Gillian Morrison April 25, 2011

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Question   Great Work
Amazing pictures Sue. They bring to life the images and people .

- Saurabh Adhiya March 31, 2011

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Question   Great Work
Hi Sue, was really nice meeting you today. Love your work. Nice to know there is such great creative talent at the blue and gold.

- Maria Laville September 09, 2010

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Question   Amazing! Truly Enjoyed your gallery!
Hi Sue,
Just the home page picture is stunning. as I went through your gallery, I salute your talents. Your 3rd eye (I mean your camera lens) captured my soul!!! I am totally amazed by your magnificent pictures. You have such gift of turning the precious moments into a 2D photo, but bring on unlimited sensations of all dimensions and all times. Truly enjoy each and every photos in your website!

- Louise Lo June 22, 2010

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Question   Fantastic
Hello Sue
I'm very impressed with your website. Your images are amazing. Very inspiring!!

- Joanne McCulloch April 03, 2010

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Question   Sue
Hey Sue, I checked your website as soon as I got home from Christmas dinner. I really love the photo's you take, they're very unique and eye catching. Maybe one day we can go somewhere together and take some shots!


- Sammy Harrington December 26, 2009

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Question   WOW! WOW! WOW!
Hey Sue B!

I love what you've done here! The website is smashing hot... and your pictures are a work of art. It's so good to see your output.

Keep up the awesome work! You are very talented.


- Maggie Nejim October 29, 2009

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Question   Photographs
Sue, your photographs are beautiful. I hope that you can turn your gift into something full time.

- Tracy Gravesande June 07, 2009

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Question   Greetings!!
Hello Sue,

Grandma Betty and I really liked your photo galleries. Excellent job on your website :)

- Paul Fleming May 16, 2009

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Question   Creating and living your dream
Sue, it's great to see you making your dream takeoff. I am looking forward to seeing more of how this unfolds.

- Lea Ann Dent May 12, 2009

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Question   Beautiful....
Lovely photos. Your passion for photography is evident in the pictures.

- Meike Krug May 04, 2009

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Question   Hello!
Hi Sue,

II'm looking forward to browsing ur site! I know u take some awesome pics!


- Mel Soza April 01, 2009

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